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Sam Manford

Hello, i'm Sam Manford and i love being creative!

Sam Manford's Bio:

Sam Manford is a creative artist, writer and social media consultant.

An outside-the-box thinking, music-loving, fashion enthusiast with a sense of humor.

Passionate aesthete, social media citizen, person of many interests.

My brand represents possibilities. Challenge and express yourself.

#dream #believe #achieve


Specialties: Writing & Blogging, Social media branding and marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid advertising (content marketing), Media and Project management or coordination, Research & Analytics, Painting & Music


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#Thinkvast #beCreative #beDifferent #JustDream #Hearts of Oak fc #Manchester United fc

It's a free world, embrace challenges & express yourself!
Tolerance + love + equality = peace & happiness

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Sam Manford's Education:

Sam Manford's Interests & Activities:

Creative Arts, Fashion, Sports, Education, Technology, Rights Activism

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